Re: Board Meeting Minutes :: 1st February 2007

Hey John,

John Williams wrote:
> Thanks for this Glyn.  One question (not flamage, just clarification):
> On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 13:21 -0800, Glynn Foster wrote:
>> 3) Roles of the Board
>>    Anne wants to take care of the legal issues this year on the board
>>    Quim suggested that press could be moved into marketing-private list.
>>    Discussion on list about board roles and responsibilities outside
>>    the more formal positions.
>>    [Areas - 01/05/2007, Quim Gil]
>>         - Development
> Development of what?

>From Quim's initial scope of the categories -

Primarily it's a contact with the Release Team. Also
facilitation and help on request connecting either internal GNOME
teams/people and external development collaboration projects like, desktop architects and so on.

We'll be discussing this at the next board meeting. Quim's drafted out a bunch
of roles, along with descriptions and assigned each board member to them. It's
basically so that we have a representative in each category should anything come
up at board level for them. I'll send the complete list along with the minutes
soon after our meeting.


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