Addition to Code of Conduct (Was: Re: Integer pixel operations for gtk+?)

2007/2/12, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org>:

Le samedi 10 février 2007, à 14:29, Koen Kooi a écrit :
> There was some talk on the cairo list about moving image stuff into cairo and having
> optimized implementations there. It would be a nice experiment since the cairo developers
> are a lot more open to suggestions and contributions than the gtk+ people.

This last sentence is unproductive and doesn't help. Please take a few
minutes and look at

Nice to see the CoC finally at real work ;)

What I realized it was lacking though, was something that would have
fitted here perfectly. That is, a note that while lots of people get
money from working around Gtk+ or GNOME projects in general, very few
(if any?) are actually paid for to fulfill community requests in the
form of patches or feature requests or even fixing bugs. Thus their
motivation to do so can vary a lot, depending on the issue at hand.

That's why it's not really nice to go on DEMANDING for action and
accusing some undefined group of people (in this case "gtk devs" and
"gtk+ people") of being lazy and unfriendly. Furthermore, in OSS the
responsiveness can be pretty much determined by the amount of input
from the requester:

- enhancement idea (slow response, if at all)
- patch (moderate response, if a clear need)
- patch with a test case (good response)
- patch with a test case and a rationale for the feature (usually
replied to with "committed, thanks")

This is something that people usually don't take into account when
they feel bad about their patches being ignored and it would be nice
to have a reminder of that in the Code.

I don't know how to compress that into a more to-the-point version
though, but maybe someone else has an idea?

P.S. Sorry but the abbreviation is just too hilarious not to make fun with... :P

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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