Re: p.g.o. policy

On Mon, Aug 20, 2007 at 11:51:26PM -0400, Valek Filippov wrote:
> Hej,
> > I suggest to use Bugzilla to keep track of outstanding requests by the
> > addition of a component under the website product. This
> > if jdub is ok with it.
> What if jdub isn't ok with it?

Then I won't add the component. Bugzilla is there to assist. It makes no
sense to have components/products that the maintainer doesn't look at.
This even if I think it would add transparency.

> >>------- Comment #1 from Olav Vitters  2007-08-20 21:37 UTC -------
> >>Jeff is also a GNOME sysadmin (see
> >> Jeff started p.g.o (IIRC)
> and >>therefore he decides what happens to it.
> So am I understood correct that this is jdub personal project hosted
> on

I meant that he is the maintainer of p.g.o and if you have problems with
it and can't resolve it with a maintainer, board gnome org is the next

> >>Btw, Jeff made a policy proposal on his blog ages ago.
> >>Something about being at least a foundation member.
> 'proposal on his blog ages ago' is not quite good place for an applied
> policy, is it?

It was some proposal. I have no idea what criteria he uses to add

> >>Closing this bugreport as it is not a bug but a support question.
> >>Further, there is no p.g.o component.
> Thanks.

As I also said, I think board gnome org is the better option if you
can't resolve it with Jeff.


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