Re: Towards more collaboration between the academic world and the GNOME community

El lun, 20-08-2007 a las 18:23 +0200, Vincent Untz escribió:
> Le lundi 13 août 2007, à 05:55 +0300, Quim Gil a écrit :
> > Remember this thread? Anybody kept working on a GNOME group focused on
> > universities?
> > What about moving the topic to ie marketing list with the objective of
> > creating a formal committe?
> Fernando and I had a discussion about this at GUADEC. I'm also in
> contact with two or three other people who are interested in this.
> I think we'd need to create a mailing list and start organizing the work
> there, especially what will be the next actions. There are already a few
> ideas about how to make more use of GNOME for teaching. Of course, more
> focus on the research side would be great too!
> Fernando, do you want to take care of the mailing list creation? :-)

The mailing list was requested today, also i've created a wiki page to
post ideas, basically i think that we can start to list links to
Academic Groups and projects as a first step

Every idea and collaboration is really wellcome.


Fernando San Martín Woerner
Jefe de Informática
Galilea S.A.

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