Re: Distribution branding of GNOME

On Fri, 2005-03-11 at 21:45 -0600, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> In either of the cases above, we have to make Gnome so good, so
> compelling, that people wouldn't want to use anything else.  In the
> first case they would say, "not powered by Gnome?  I'm not using it,
> then".  In the second case they would say, "doesn't feel like Gnome?
> I'm not using it, then".  We are not at that point yet.

Very good observation :)

I think it goes to show that it pays to be in the bussiness of
actual creativity and not the bussiness of appearences, if we work
towards the object at hand and ignore any slander and critisizms
we will end up being popular and have a good end result - if
we waste time trying to satisfy everyone, trying to get popular
and conforming to suits, we'll just dry up inside what will eventually
become nothing but an empty image.

Note I'm just jumping in on something that I find is just
a great life lesson for everyone - this is not a part of whatever
current argument is going on, I just found it to be a great 
observation: "We are not at that point yet" :D

A quote from the I Ching that came to mind:

"We should do every task for its own sake as time and place demand and
 not with an eye to the result. Then each task turns out well, and
 anything we undertake succeeds"

 - The second line of the 25th hexagram (Innocence), Book of changes.

Just a friendly breath of fresh air for you incase your office
hours are nearly as boring and monotonous as my own ;-)


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