Re: and sponsorship

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> My 2007 lead organiser hat is very firmly on for this reply

With my GNOME Foundation hat on: There are *lots* of Foundation members who
I would love to fund to attend (thus too), as I
believe it is one of the most valuable and influential events in the FLOSS
world [1]. Without wanting to offend Sara, I think that other contributors
would be more appropriate, meritocratically speaking.

However, Sara demonstrated the initiative to ask, which counts for a lot. I
hope other Foundation members do so in the future.

- Jeff

[1] and not just because I'm deeply involved with it -- maybe talk to Keith,
Jim, or some of the other unbiased attendees and speakers who have been to
the conference *and* want to come back year after year.

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
                              Acts of random.

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