Re: Endorsement for Joachim Norieko

However big and central the philosofical gap might be, I don't see it's affecting Joachim's passionate contributions to GNOME in important aspects of the project where others just don't go through. Besides, he is always open to discussion, active search of agreement and acceptance of well founded arguments.

I strongly disagree with his recent opinions about software freedom. Still, I think he can be a good board member if elected, being as useful and efficient as he is in the doc and web teams (two areas that several candidates have identified as very important).

Jeff, I understand your will of having a well integrated board. Personally I'm also tempted of posting my opinions about the candidates, since I have been working with most of them. But being so transparent and pushy might have a counterproductive effect the day the board is elected and I'm there together with some members that were not in my recommendations. Willing to favour a strong and united board, I might seed unconfidence and mistrust since the first day.

It looks like we candidates have in effect less freedom to express ourselves than the average Foundation members, and current board members have even less freedom than the new candidates. Being a fan of productive and explicit (self)critique, I'm not that happy with this situation but I can't find a better negotiation between freedom, responsibility and the stability board members are supposed to provide at the end of their exercise.

Ideas are welcome.


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