Re: GNOME and the free software movement

--- raphael Jacquot <sxpert sxpert org> wrote:

> Joachim Noreiko wrote:
> > Yes... and yet every time I want to do some
> serious
> > work, I open MS Word and not OOo Writer. 
> > I know all about format lock-in, but Open Office
> > doesn't do what I want from a word processor.
> > Ultimately, I care more about being able to use
> > something comfortably and not working around bugs
> or
> > limitations.
> so I take it you don't really use the product you
> want to advocate...
> yet, it's well known that the best arguments when
> advocating a product 
> can be found in daily use of said product, and
> demonstrating it's 
> prowess by showing to the world what you've
> accomplished with it...

I'd like to, and I gave it a fair try.
For serious work on a word processor -- it's not up to
the job. I filed bugs on OOo which are still open.
For email, web, etc -- I was using Ubuntu until
Dapper, which broke networking for me. But even so --
meh. Too many niggles and bugs and things that ought
to be bugs but somehow aren't classed as such. Sorry,
should I drop realism and join the group freedom hug?

I'm standing for an unpaid position that will demand
quite a lot of my time, while working on aspects of
Gnome which, as has been said elsewhere, don't fall
under the 'itch to scratch' heading. You're doubting
my commitment?

I'm just an ordinary user who finds that for a lot of
things, what free software offers isn't good enough
yet. Note the 'yet'. I think it can become better and
I'm here because I think I can help with that. 

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