Re: Board Member Application Mini-HOWTO


Quim Gil wrote:
> On the other hand, VoIP conference calls imply broadband, which
> depending on countries and personal economies can be a higher barrier
> than a cheap call with a normal phone and one of those prefixes. 

As well as implying access to broadband at home, this also implies
access to broadband when travelling (myself, Jeff, Jonathan and Federico
have all attended board meetings this year while not at home - I think
maybe Luis and yourself did also).

It also assumes that we have hardware that works properly with GNOME for
voip (the headset which soeone (you know who you are) offered me wasn't
Just Works (TM))

Pretty much every country has low-cost pre-paid cards which allow you to
call the US cheaply - once Jeff pointed this out to me, that was my
preferred way to get on board calls when away from home.

The biggest barrier for me to moving to SIP is actually having to be on
the internet when on the call.


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