Candidacy: Quim Gil

Name: Quim Gil
E-mail: qgil AT desdeamericaconamor DOT org

Corporate affiliation: currently none (but see below) 

Why: I joined the board in June in substitution of Luis Villa. It took
me a while to know the basics of boarding and now that I kind of feel
comfortable comes the end of the year... I think I can do more and
better in 2007.

There are some things I would like to help improving from the board:

- Transparency of the board activities. Yeah, the old topic. After being
outside and inside a pre-diagnose could be made and some measures could
start being applied in 2007. I'm obsessed about transparency.

- Delegation and collaboration with non-board contributors. Another old
topic, connected to the previous one. We keep discussing and some
progress is done, but there is still a long way to go. I enjoy

- Areas and board members responsible of each area. Although there is
some specialization in board tasks, the areas are not well defined. A
lot of discussion and work could be optimized if there would be i.e. a
responsible for legal stuff, responsible of events, responsible of local
groups etc.

- Advisory Board. We can get a lot more (from both sides). Also, the
advisory board activity is totally unknown by the membership. Of course
there is a concern about confidentiality but probable we all can find a
productive way in between.

- In general... Plan less and do more. There are some many good ideas
around... But we better put just some in the agenda and make sure they
are completed at the end of the year. Otherwise we get overwhelmed by
dozens of intense debates that at the end come up with... almost no
concrete result. I'm a doer, discussion without action keep my interest
lower as I grow older.

There are other issues or tasks that go across several GNOME teams where
the board might help (and is helping). My preferred one is the GNOME
websites: what comes after the wgo revamp. Web integration and also a
better dialog between web team, sysadmin/infrastructure and all the
subsites webmasters around.

That's it. There are other things where I could... but I'd rather stay
concentrated with the topics mentioned. It's more than enough to keep
more than one board member entertained during the whole year.

IMPORTANT: I'm actively looking for work and I could get an affiliation
before the election comes. I will keep you updated. 

MORE IMPORTANT: I'm a candidate for the position of business
development director of the GNOME Foundation. I think that Foundation 
employees shouldn't be Foundation board members simultaneously and I 
wouldn't make an exception with myself. I will resign as board candidate 
or member if I get this position. More at

Quim Gil ///

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