Re: Board Member Application Mini-HOWTO

Some impressions from a fresh board member...

Basically, I agree with most of Federico's email if you dilute
everything in a 40%. Board tasks and followups are not that complex if
board members are able to work as a team, share responsibilities with
people out of the board, pick the tasks they can pick and not more,
reckon when they need help to finish stuff, etc. 

One problem is that many people, including rock stars, are not that used
to this. Another problem is probably that we have a quite distorted
perception of what a rock star is.

Traditionally rock stars are singers, lead guitars and also drummers:
the ones you see & listen more directly. However, people understanding
just a bit about music know that in fact most of the rock'n'roll that
moves our bodies comes from bassists, second guitars, chorus, sound &
light technicians and many other people behind the scenes.

The board needs all these. I have sent 7 emails inviting some best kept
secrets to run for election. I invite you to do the same: push the
people you know are great to become board members! Do not fear.

On Fri, 2006-11-10 at 13:29 -0600, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

> * If you are a rock star hacker (or a busy non-rock star hacker at
>   work), you will not be a good Board member.

Unless you realize that your code will be more successful if the GNOME
Foundation is successful, and you want to learn some interesting stuff
of the context that surrounds pure software.

> * If you are a hacker, your GUADEC experience will be destroyed.

As former GUADEC coordinator I have some suggestions for Birmingham2007
so we can improve this aspect. However, think also that as a board
member you have a reason to request sponsorship for travel &
accommodation if nobody is paying for you and your pocket can't afford
the experience.

>   If you are the kind of
>   person that forgets what you talked about two weeks ago, you won't
>   be a good Board member.

False, if somebody (maybe you) is taking notes for the board meeting

> * The Foundation will not reimburse you for the conference calls.

True in the past. However, did someone ever request reimbursement? I
would vote +1 if a student or someone living in a country without those
cheap calls or etc would request it. You shouldn't need to be a
bourgeois to accomplish your responsibilities as board member. 

I would add: you will learn a lot, you will know interesting people, you
will understand much better what is GNOME and what is free software
(code, projects, people) about.

To me it has been a very interesting 1/2 year and I want to repeat. And
I'm like you.

Quim Gil ///

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