Re: Code Of Conduct

tir, 30 05 2006 kl. 16:47 +0200, skrev Murray Cumming:
> > I would hate to see us resort to written, legalistic rules
> If your lawyer wrote rules like these then you'd have to fire him. I'm
> aiming for something warm and friendly. You are right to be wary of rules
> for their own sake. But I think it's OK to say what standard of behaviour
> is required in a general way.
> Even Ubuntu's Code of Conduct is not very legalistic, but I still found it
> unnecessarily beaurocratic when I first saw it. However, it seems to be
> very effective, and I'd like some of that effect in GNOME.
> > (which
> > encourage gaming and letter-of-law over spirit-of-law) when a strong
> > culture should suffice, particularly at our size. What it feels like
> > such a thing advertises is 'we're so weak we need rules where common
> > sense and politeness should suffice', not 'we care.'
> >
> > Additionally, this feels like a solution looking for a problem- have
> > we ever had significant problems stopping aggressive or rude behavior?
> Apparently, yes: This is one plausible explanation for our disastrous (1%)
> female involvement and low asian involvement. That 1% is so scary that I
> can't see how we can make it worse, so I'm for all kinds of crazy
> experiments to fix it.
> I do think GNOME is better than most though. I'd like to use this code of
> conduct to advertise that we are better.

I think that Murray is absolutely right.

Thank you Murray for starting this debate.

We do need some code of good conduct to lean back on if things tend to
go in the wrong direction.

But words are not enough. We have to live up to the code of conduct.

I was just about making a list of things that most women find offensive.

I think that GNOME (and others)need a gender policy.

Some inspiration can be found in national legislation and programs and

But mostly it is a question of slightly changing the "hacker" culture in
a more welcoming and inclusive direction for all.

Perhaps we should put the users of GNOME in the center instead of the
those writing the code- at least if it is done to show off and gain
undue reputation.

Of course those writing elegant and quality code would still be heroes-
and recognized no matter if they make a lot of "noise" about it or not.

In the future there will be more focus on the software's ethics, moral
and ability to meet the users preferences. Also "Green Values" and
sustainable development will become important competition parameters.


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