Re: Code Of Conduct

2006/5/30, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com>:
I would hate to see us resort to written, legalistic rules (which
encourage gaming and letter-of-law over spirit-of-law) when a strong
culture should suffice, particularly at our size. What it feels like
such a thing advertises is 'we're so weak we need rules where common
sense and politeness should suffice', not 'we care.'

Additionally, this feels like a solution looking for a problem- have
we ever had significant problems stopping aggressive or rude behavior?
We haven't had any of it on any of the primary mailing lists since
crazy orb-boy that I can remember, and that was dealt with fairly

I thought the main deterrent was arrogant and dictator-like developers
who pat each other in the back and ignore the requests of users.
Adding more rules seems pointless there ;)

Seriosly, while a code of conduct is a good thing to follow, having it
written down somewhere immediately means enforcing it ("officially")

Which means it will be hacked to pieces with interpetations of it
("was this a minor incident or was it a grave mistake? But the other
guy said this and that"). Which means there will be a need to define
the correct interpetation of the code...

...which will mean assigning a commitee to evaluate the definitions and ...

Ok, maybe I'm being somewhat pessimistic about this.

But then again, isn't the HIG read as a law and questioned in terms of
interpetations way too often, while its purpose is only to remind and
suggest known good behaviour?

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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