Re: Notes from the Desktop Architects Meeting

Some comments with a GUADEC perspective (I'm capable of having other
perspectives but apparently these months I'm a one-topic guy)  :)

On Tue, 2006-05-16 at 08:34 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:

>  + Portland project

Waldo Bastian is going to lead a session about the Portland project in
the main venue of GUADEC 2006 on Thursday 29th, during the After Hours
Workshops. This is a way to say that we are giving importance to this
project and we want to discuss it openly.

In fact we had invited Waldo to organize that Desktop Architects Meeting
during the GUADEC days, but it was too late to consider any chenge in
their schedule.

>    - we should try to send people in asian regional events to show that
>      we're interested in what's happening there (they don't seem to know
>      that we're interested in that)
>    - inviting some managers from asian projects to events such as GUADEC
>      might be a good idea

We have a Farsi team very active in GUADEC 2006, we have also a Novell
team from Bagalore and Sun is sending 2 developers from Beijing. Iran,
India and China have possibly just one common denominator, being Asian
countries, but we could have a BOF session lead by them during the AHW
to see how an Asian coordinated effort can be addressed. Apart from
GUADEC there is at least a GNOME Korea local group, many translation
teams and advisory board companies' offices there (you know this much
better than me).

What is clear to me is that any real move in Asia or wherever needs to
be promoted mainly by the local gnomers of these countries, with
assistance of the rest of the Foundation. Starting dynamics i.e. dealing
directly with the board without counting with the locals or counting
with them when everything is arranged and agreed is not a desirable

>  + aKademy will try to have a track on standards.
>    - it's in Dublin, at the end of September.
>    - maybe we should send some people there?

We offered free registration to 10 KDE developers (to put a number) and
the same travel and accommodation sponsorship options that we were
offering to the rest of GUADEC participants. Sadly, we haven't got any
affirmative response, although a couple of KDE members apologized for
not being able to come. 

I fear the proposal of having a football match GNOME - Rest Of The World
just for fun scared some of them (seriously). Maybe at the end we get at
least some of the KDE developers based in Catalonia · Spain...

Quim Gil /// |

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