Re: Notes from the Desktop Architects Meeting


Vincent Untz wrote:
Here's a list of concrete actions some GNOME people could do:

 - look that portland doesn't do anything we don't like, or go and do
   the GNOME part of the job
 - join the LSB mailing lists and be active there

I think Brian Cameron is involved in that forum - or was under the impression he was, perhaps not actively.

 - help pushing the spec out of the draft status

Completely agree here.

 + Portland project
   - general feeling of nearly everyone was that it's sad that GNOME is
     not involved in this effort
   - would be nice to get someone to at least look at the project and
     provide feedback
   - Waldo and some KDE people wanted to make a joint GNOME/KDE
     statement about the project ("we love it"). Is this something we
     want to do?

I personally have issues with it because I can't get over the fact that Portland is building on 'unstable or draft' specifications. Build the bricks, *then* build the wall. I guess others have difficulties that we're not encouraging our own toolkit APIs.

 + Standards
   - some discussion. Some specs should really leave the
     draft status.
   - some KDE people thought that GNOME was not involved enough on
     xdg-list. I'm not sure why.

Because everyone who does get involved gets worn out after a short period? And those that we would like to get involved are already spread thin as it is?

 + aKademy will try to have a track on standards.
   - it's in Dublin, at the end of September.
   - maybe we should send some people there?

I could probably encourage some of the Sun desktop team to attend some of the tracks.


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