Re: Minutes of the Board meeting for 2006/01/18

Some comments on the events related subnotes...

En/na Federico Mena Quintero ha escrit:

>  Summit: a small event; Board not very involved in organization
>  (mainly Tim).  The Foundation paid USD 5000 for the venue and food,
>  so it was pretty cheap.  There were about 100 participants.

If we get sponsorship to cover the costs of venues (not food) of +500
people in Europe, perhaps we could get also sponsored venues for 100
people in the US...

> - Anne thinks we should stretch out to the parts of the world we
>   haven't emphasized.  Luis mentions talk of GUADLAC in Latin
>   America.  We got a proposal for a Southeast Asia conference, and

This is the way to go.

> - We should probably have Quim on every other board call or so, to
>   keep up with GUADEC organization.

No problem. Maybe the recently started GUADEC weekly update (see Planet)
is enough in some cases though.

> 24-25 is Spanish days,

Just to start marketing the audience of this list  ;)

Not only this, it's locale / warm up days. Spanish and Catalan
actibities are already planned but i.e. thos talked about the
possibility of a UK meeting and this weekend is perfect for that. Maybe
fr, de, it and others would also like to take advantage of this
opportunity. We are in the process of concretising a Fluendo social
event on Saturday or Sunday night. There is also a plan for a GNOME-KDE
football match (US: soccer, no helmets nor cheerleaders).

>   26-28 is GUADEC proper, 29-30 is hackfest.


> - Need to start making reservations, etc.

We are about to define packages for the most economic lodgers: youth
hostel and camping. More next week.

> - Web side of things: need update from the sysadmin team.  Need to
>   re-setup the registration infrastructure.

The sysadmin team is assisting us on most of our requests (there is a
PHP server upgrade request, I guess this is more complex). But the
website and the registration falls completely into the GUADEC
organisation responsibility. More next week as well.

Quim Gil -

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