Re: Code of conduct (bis)

2006/12/8, Telsa Gwynne <hobbit aloss ukuu org uk>:
Would it be possible to find out who felt which way? I can't see it
in the minutes, and this is very much a deciding issue for me when it
comes to voting for the new board.

This is how I felt:

As a board member I don't think the board needs to be the first
approving the CoC. Maybe the last, after the community has approved
it, if the CoC needs it.

As a GNOME Foundation member I don't think we need a CoC. Where is the
abuse that justifies the adoption of a new tool to prevent abuse?
Writing and signing a CoC doesn't make us per se any better promoting
minorities and diversity. The CoC debate months ago was a somewhat sad

I don't think an approved CoC will change anything positively after
all. It's like writing laws against war. Peace, respect and common
understanding are build through actions, not declarations. I try to be
a good GNOME member with my actions, and this is what I expect from
the rest of colleagues in this project.

If some colleagues feel more comfortable having an attempt of a
description of common sense written and signed, so be it. If only
being against adopting a CoC stops someone from voting me, so be it.
As far as you respect this positioning as much as you say you respect
diversity, it's ok.

Quim Gil ///

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