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El dv 11 de 08 del 2006 a les 13:46 +0200, en/na Rodrigo Moya va

> > My question is: how we can have marketing materials easily?
> > 
> that is also my question :)

What do you have in mind when you talk about 'marketing materials'? The
answer possibly differs depending on the materials. Stickers, t-shirts,
banners etc have different problematics. 

The starting point is . Any help
updating/improving this list is appreciated.

We plan to work at least with Killermundi to have a GNOME shop. That
said, the problem is not just to pay the production of, say, t-shirts
but also the transport to, say, Chile. 

In your case self-production is an important part of the strategy, as
previously discussed.

> > or is possible for the invited "Rock Star" to bring some gift below his
> > arm?   ;)

If the rock star can afford them and they are easy to carry...

Quim Gil /// |

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