Re: GNOME Local user groups

Hello Rodrigo:

You know about the meeting that GNOME Chile have in November, one day of
the "VII Encuentro Linux" is for "día de GNOME".

Our plan is to invite one or two "Rock Star" to talk with us :)

In this moment we are quoting to print some stickers and other stuffs,
Fernando and others brought some t-shirts from the GUADEC. All those
things we hope to have in order to give to our attenders.

My question is: how we can have marketing materials easily?

or is possible for the invited "Rock Star" to bring some gift below his
arm?   ;)

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
>> [snip]
> one thing that would be cool would be to have marketing materials
> easily. It is a bit sad to say 'no, sorry, no t-shirts' to people asking
> for some at conferences

fn:Felipe Barros S.
n:Barros S.;Felipe
email;internet:felipe linuxlab cl

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