Re: Membership Committee Meeting Minutes

Em Qua, 2006-08-02 �16:42 +0300, Baris Cicek escreveu:
> * Sankharshan needed to get account for Mango, it was waiting for a
> while because sysadmin team was busy with couple of other things. (He
> manged to get it.)

He got an e-mail with credentials to log into Mango at the same time as
all the other Membership Committee members. I think you mean he managed
to find it in his mailbox.

> * We need a backup policy for foundation database. If sysadmin team does
> not have a backup policy we need to find a solution. (I'm not quite sure
> if token information would harm anonymity of elections if we store
> backups in CVS) (Baris will talk with sysadmin team and ask Vincent
> about it)

Mostly everything is backed up, and that certainly includes MySQL
databases, among which is the Foundation one.

  Guilherme de S. Pastore
  The GNOME Sysadmin Team

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