Membership Committee Meeting Minutes

GNOME Foundation Membership Committee Meeting, 2006/08/01


Vincent (Board Represantative)
Dave (Visitor)


As Membership Committee (MC) we decided to have a meeting on IRC
(#membership @ to discuss current status of MC with new
infrastructure changes and need for new volunteers. 

MC had some problems in last couple of months for processing new
applications, due to lack of human resource and new structural

With a recent push after GUADEC we finally moved management to totally
Web Based Mango with a database backend, instead of previous CVS based

We also started to use RT3 Ticket system for tracking new
applications/renewals and communication about applications. 

With those handy tools, last month we processed all pending applications
and started to have good opportunity to progress more rapidly. 

MC had only two active members after Vincent leaving Committee. Since MC
should have four members, we was in need of a CfV. However we put that
on hold for making new volunteers to confront with new system, instead
of old one. 


* We need to document need system (RT3 and Mango) for new volunteers and
putting a policy on processing applications. Those tools can be used
differently, and this might cause problems while four people using them
concurrently. (Sankharshan will do documentation on

* Sankharshan needed to get account for Mango, it was waiting for a
while because sysadmin team was busy with couple of other things. (He
manged to get it.)

* Membership Management System is still lacking some features like
sending template mails automatically, and some UI fixes so as to
decrease user errors. (Baris will do it, and send the new script to
sysadmin team to replace)

* Application forms should be changed. There should be two forms for
renewals and new applications. Also new applications should ask for
gender information and demographic information (for statistical reasons
as Murray suggested and accepted on foundation-list). It's also better
to list members needs renewal on members list. (Vincent should be the
guy for this, but if he guides someone from MC can also do it.)

* We need to call new volunteers to committee as soon as possible. Dave
suggested to go for invitation based call, and later go for CfV to act
rapidly and MC members accepted. He suggested some names from community
which would be beneficial to MC. We will finish this process before 4th
of August. (Baris sent call letters to those candidates.) 

* We need a backup policy for foundation database. If sysadmin team does
not have a backup policy we need to find a solution. (I'm not quite sure
if token information would harm anonymity of elections if we store
backups in CVS) (Baris will talk with sysadmin team and ask Vincent
about it)

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