Re: Code of Conduct final draft?

tir, 01 08 2006 kl. 11:26 +0300, skrev Kalle Vahlman:
> 2006/8/1, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>:
> > I'm fairly happy with the Code Of Conduct draft now:
> >
> I can certainly agree with all of this but where is the one thing I
> feel the GNOME community excels in?
> That is, saying THANK YOU!
> It is seen loudly, clearly and often in blogs and bugzilla and
> everywhere so I think it definetly needs to be in the Code of Conduct
> too. Or am I just too finnish to see this as "normal" behaviour?-)

No you are not too Finnish. It should be normal conduct to say thank you
so this is a good idea for a code of conduct!

Remember to say THANK YOU!

By the way this was Jon "Maddog" Hall's message to GNOME at his
"Footnote" presentation at GUADEC in Seville 2002. Some of you might
remember both the presentation and the good habit.


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