overwhelmed board + lack of employees

There was a comment in the minutes about board members being
overwhelmed. The Foundation is also looking for an executive director
and there seem to be not many responses. The combination of these two
factors must be a pain, specially when the GNOME project and Foundation
itself seem to be in a good momentum.

During the board election and the resize board referendum there was some
discussion about what the board members are and aren't supposed to do,
and also how much time they should invest in tasks. Can you give a brief
feedback of the current situation in the context of those discussions
(if you have the time)?  ;) 

About hiring someone, maybe the profile required is just too complex.
Not for the complexity of each requirement but the combination of both.
Speak on behalf the Foundation, sign checks, send mugs and live in
Boston are a fairly diverse set of skills / features. Put that on the
top of the fact that the person to be hired needs to be competent but
available and you get an equation difficult to solve.

Wouldn't be better to hire an accountancy company to deal with all the
money & tax & legal related stuff and then liberate a GNOMEr to do the

Thanks to GUADEC I'm being half-liberated and it's being a very
interesting experience. Maybe liberating someone with a
sysadmin/infrastructure background would be really useful to solve this
and more problems. 

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org | http://guadec.org

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