Re: Board meeting agenda, Wednesday 5th

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 21:01 +0200, David Neary wrote:
>      * Dave to request a contract from Quim for GUADEC
>        o No contract yet, but it will arrive - reminder sent - ongoing

Conversation with Núria from the Vilanova Council scheduled for today.
She wants to finish the budget that will be signed with the Generalitat
and she needs some details from us. We hope to have this contract
(technically a grant from the Generalitat to the Vilanova Council)
written and signed before Easter. The Vilanova people needs a paper as
much as we need it since they are the ones hiring & renting
infrastructures. Bureaucracy takes some time, but the contract will

>   * Quim to write a formal letter of invitation for the people who need
> to get visas. Quim to find someone in Spain to contact the ministry of
> foreign affairs.

With the help of Anne Østergaard, Sara Khalatbari and Behnam Esbahfod we
have a general purpose letter available at the bottom of . I'm asking people needing an invitation letter
to take this template and adapt it to their needs, then I fax it to the
corresponding Spanish Embassy as GUADEC coordinator and Spanish citizen.

Three invitation letter were sent yesterday to Iran, some more ara
expected to be faxed soon to Turkey and Serbia, probably to Egipte and
Algeria as well. We are also using this template to request the change
of date of one exam of a university student wanting to come to GUADEC.

If you need a visa, request now!

Quim Gil /// |

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