Board meeting agenda, Wednesday 5th


As always, comments on the agenda, or things about which you think we need to decide something, that aren't on here, please feel free to send comments.

Next Meeting details

Wednesday, 5 April 2006,
11:00 UTC (06:00 CST, 07:00 EST, 13:00 CEST, 21:00 AEST)


    * Jeff to organize and contact people in various countries and
regions to act as local press contacts.
      o ongoing; he contacted various people and is following up
    * Luis to mail boston-social gnome org to look for volunteers to
represent us at Boston Usenix and Boston LWE
      o DONE
    * Dave to be our liaison with marketing-list to set up the basic
structure of the new
      o ongoing
    * Dave to request a contract from Quim for GUADEC
      o No contract yet, but it will arrive - reminder sent - ongoing
    * Federico to mail advisory-board-list about what members would like
to get out of the Foundation.
      o NOT DONE
    * Jeff to ask the Advisory Board about funding GNOME through OSDL,
or funding it directly.
    * Jeff to write a proposal for the technical project meeting.
    * Dave to resurrect German contract from last year so that we can
use it for Axis Informática.
      o Contract sent to board, need to make it general.

   1. Advisory board
      * Preparing the meeting
   2. GUADEC meetings
      * Deciding dates & times for advisory board and board meetings
   3. Administrator
      * Process for hiring full-time admin person - no candidates yet,
preparing the proper hiring process (inc. budget)
   4. Any other business
      * Axis Informática wanting to sell products with the GNOME logo
(see Rodrigo's mail)

Completed actions:
 * JRB to finish job description for administrative needs.
   * DONE - job announcement made on foundation-list and advisory-board,
until Easter for community applications, open to the public afterwards.
 * Anne to send her draft program to foundation-list and put it up in
the web page
   * DONE
 * JRB to send out mugs and mouse pads to outstanding donors, and
thank-you notes as well
   * DONE by Zana
 * Quim to write a formal letter of invitation for the people who need
to get visas. Quim to find someone in Spain to contact the ministry of
foreign affairs.
 * Jeff/Federico to start writing an agenda for the Advisory Board meeting
   * DONE - ad board meeting planned for April 12th, 19h UTC
 * Federico to write his paper for the Advisory Board
   * DONE, but not yet sent?
 * Luis to help marketing-list prepare a press release for the GNOME/W3C
SVG anouncement


David Neary
bolsh gimp org


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