Re: Reducing the board size

Le dimanche 25 septembre 2005 �5:26 +0200, David Neary a �it :
> I would like to propose, then, that the referendum take place in October 
> (to allow the vote to happen before the next board elections). I would 
> like to board to ratify this, and ask the election committee to put the 
> wheels in motion at our next board meeting on Wednesday.

If everything is okay with the anonymous voting system, we "only" have
to process all the not-yet-processed applications (there are quite a
lot, actually).

I'd like to move our membership list to a database first, though.
There's already some work done on this, so I think it shouldn't be too
hard to finish. And it'll make our life really easier.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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