Re: poor man's SWOT analysis of GUADEC

Hi Luis,

Thanks for taking time to do this. I agree on nearly every point (and on
your previous posts too, btw).

Le lundi 12 septembre 2005 �1:38 -0400, Luis Villa a �it :
> * many other conferences more successful at reaching a broad-ranging
> audience and attracting a broad range of free software or competitive
> technologies- if Moz/Web 2.0/OSX/whatever is the new platform, and
> Moz/Web2.0/OSX/whatever is at every conference in the world and we are
> mostly at GUADEC, does that weaken us?

I'm not sure what kind of other conferences you're talking about, but
isn't this the role of local groups (if they exist, of course)? E.g.
events in France are pretty much covered by GNOME-FR people and it's
probably the same for Germany/GNOME-DE and other countries.

If the local groups could have more support from the Foundation, it
would greatly help. The Event Box is a huge step in this direction.

> * success of Boston Summit may reduce perceived need for Americans to
> come to GUADEC

And you can say the same for Europeans and Boston Summit ;-)
It's clearly hard for a student (and probably other volunteers) to go to
the Summit and GUADEC. I'd love to go to the Summit.

Having too many events can be counter-productive since not everyone will
go to the same event and be able to meet...

As I see it, GUADEC (and the Boston Summit) are where GNOME hackers meet
and some users/enthusiasts learn they want to be GNOME hackers too ;-)

Most of the enterprise/government thing should be done at other
conferences by some local evangelists or one big GNOME name, IMHO.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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