Re: GUADEC 2005 Survey results


On Thu, 2005-09-08 at 16:24 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> The tabulated results for the surveys we collected at the last session
> at GUADEC are now available at:
> Thanks to Jonathan and Tim for help entering the surveys.
> Apologies for the primitive formatting; I didn't want to spend a lot
> of time prettifying the results. If you want to see stuff tabulated
> in different ways, let me know and I can tweak the PHP script that
> I used to generate the report.

Thanks for doing this - you guys rock :)

> I'll let people interpret the data for themselves; 

So, from looking at the responses, especially in questions 7 and 8, it
looks like 
	a) Whatever we do, so long as we can get together as a 
	   community, we won't go too far wrong. GUADEC is 
	   *definitely* becoming a conference about the people
	   and catching up with friends, IMO.

	b) While the content is generally good, we still have a lot
	   of work to organize the schedule better [although I notice
           the talks on the last day generally got a pretty dire


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