[Off Topic] We need "Vendor"s? [was Words to Avoid "Vendor"]

On Mon, 2005-11-28 at 09:42 +0800, Davyd Madeley wrote:
> In all of this discussion about whether they are third-party
> developers or independant software developers, I think people have
> missed the important point.
> That point is that we need to encourage traditional independant
> software VENDORS to our platform. Our platform is placed in such a
> way that vendors writing closed-source applications can use our
> platform without licensing costs (unlike QT).

I think _you_ missed the important point: It's the other way around.

They _need_ a decent platform.

We don't need them.

We don't need Adobe Acrobat. We don't need Adobe Photoshop.
We don't need Microsoft Office and other parafernalia.
We don't need DB2, Informix, etc...

Rather it's the other way around...

But that's a discussion for another day.


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