Must have board members

Here is my list of recommended candidates. In fact I would say that if
you plan on doing tactical voting and vote for less than 7 persons I
would suggest these 5. I think getting them on the board is much more
important than for instance getting myself on the board. 

Dave Neary - Did a tremendous job on the board this last year with
taking on and following up a lot of important tasks. Deserves to be
allowed to continue his great work, for instance if Dave is not
re-elected I fear we will not see a GNOME webshop for quite a few years.

Jonathan Blandford - Jonathan also did a wonderful job this last year
taking on a lot of practical work on behalf of the Foundation including
helping out with our book keeping/auditing.

Jeff Waugh - I think anyone who knows Jeff knows what level of energy
and initiative he posses. I think with our recent re-organization of the
board he will be paramount in making things happen and re-invigorate the

Dominic Lachowicz - I have known Dom for a long time and I think he will
be an excellent addition to the board. Whichever project he has gotten
involved he have always quickly accented to a position of authority due
to his personal qualities. The board needs people who are self starters
and able to function in a chaotic environment and Dom is exactly such a

Quim Gil - I think Quim represents the fresh blood we need to move
forward. We are often talking of how we want to push GNOME into the
government and educational sector and these are systems I think Quim
know how to work with. Spain is the world leader in deploying Linux
desktops and they are all using GNOME, the deployments in Spain are
currently dwarfing everyone else in their size. We should learn from
these people to enable similar success in the rest of the world. 

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