Re: [Off Topic] Words to Avoid "Vendor" [was Re: Questions to answer]

On Mon, 2005-28-11 at 09:42 +0800, Davyd Madeley wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 27, 2005 at 06:26:05PM +0100, Quim Gil wrote:
> > In GNOME we donpt talk usually about first-party and second-party
> > developers AFAIK (I have only heard of beer-parties). But we talsk about
> > GNOME developers and GNOME hackers, in this context I find more
> > appropriate Independent Software Developer and the acronym ISD (I agree
> > that the proximity with the currently used ISV is a +1).
> In all of this discussion about whether they are third-party
> developers or independant software developers, I think people have
> missed the important point.
> That point is that we need to encourage traditional independant
> software VENDORS to our platform. Our platform is placed in such a
> way that vendors writing closed-source applications can use our
> platform without licensing costs (unlike QT).
> Businesses require more than an email client and a web browser, they
> require the highly vertical applications that enable them to carry
> out their business. These may be as simple as inventory control or
> as complex as an Australian law enabled, multi-client tax ledger.
> In the forseeable future, open-source developers are not going to
> write these applications, because they do not have the expertise or
> resources to develop applications of this magnitude. Thus, we need
> to encourage traditional vendors onto our platform.

Not at all! We need to encourage traditional vendors to become
open-source developers. 


> Once we have highly vertical applications available on our platform,
> the rate of adoption of the desktop will increase. Perhaps this
> doesn't fit into some people's utopian view of how the software
> industry will be overhauled, but it is a much more realisitic and
> achievable goal.
> --d
Andreas J. Guelzow
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