Re: Additional questions for the board candidates

For GNOME to include C# support as an optional add-on cannot hurt.  It
should work with Portable.NET, which is the GNU implementation of C#,
and whose design is more favorable to possible integration with GCC
than that of Mono is.  However, it is fine to work with Mono as well.

I think it is clear that C# should not be the main or preferred
language for GNOME, should not play a major or central role.  Giving
it such a role would be a very bad strategic move, since it would
encourage a large community to move in a direction that serves our
declared enemy.

The hard question is whether to give C# a middle-level role--whether
to let it be more than an optional add-on.  The issue depends on the
legal situation, and I don't know the situation enough to have an
opinion.  I urge the board to consult with people like Eben Moglen and
Dan Ravicher before deciding this.

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