Departure of Tim Ney

Tim Ney has decided to leave the GNOME Foundation for other endeavors.
Tim has  helped greatly in getting the GNOME Foundation off the ground
and incorporated as a non-profit. He has played an essential role in
fundraising and in organizing the GNOME conference GUADEC over the last
4 years. Tim has consistently been a strong voice for free and open
software in government around the globe. We thank him for the work he
has put in on behalf of the GNOME project and wish him well in his new

In light of Tim's departure, the GNOME Board has taken the decision
to separate the administrative functions of the Executive Director
position from the communication and organizational roles that have
been attached to it and to look to fill these roles separately. We
feel this will allow us to take better advantage of GNOME's strong 
international network of volunteers.

Note: to avoid any possible confusion that might result from this
announcement, the board has asked the elections committee to keep 
nominations for candidates for next year's board open for another 
24 hours.

The GNOME Board
16 November 2005

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