Candidacy statement

I, Jonathan Blandford, am announcing my candidacy for reelection to the
GNOME board.

Name: Jonathan Blandford
Affiliation: Fedora, Red Hat, Inc.

I am a long-time member of the GNOME community.  I am also an employee
of Red Hat, run a desktop team there, and have been active on the Board
for the past four years.  I know what being on the board entails, and
will bring continuity for the next board.  Most importantly, I have the
time to be an effective board member.

In previous years, I have run on a platform of fiscal responsibility. 
However, counting on advisory fees and GUADEC sponsorships as the sole
source of funding for the GNOME foundation is not enough.  There are a
lot of people interested in the success of a free desktop; we need to
actively seek them out instead of waiting for them to look our way.  We
should find projects that we can sponsor, and actively seek resources
for them.

GNOME is an important project -- we need to be ambitious in creating our

Thank you for your consideration,

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