Candidacy: Vincent Untz

Here's the usual required informations:

	Name: Vincent Untz
	Affiliation: INPG (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble)

So, this candidacy is a bit late. I'd like to explain why I've been
hesitating so long before explaining why I'm running.

There are three or four reasons for being late:

  * I was not sure I'm good for the job
    => I'm still not sure :-) But I can only know if I try. Maybe I'm
       wrong and I should not send this mail.

  * I'm in the elections committee and there currently is no
    documentation on how to prepare elections with the new system.
    And I'm concerned that being a candidate while being in the
    committee can be a problem.
    => I don't think I should leave the committee in a rush. However, I
       won't be the one organizing the elections. I'll stay to explain
       and help if necessary. I'll leave the committee in a few weeks,
       once everything is running well and documented.
    => I'd like to have feedback on this. Do you think I should leave
       the committee now? Do you think I should stay involved in
       organizing the elections?

  * my English can be bad, especially when speaking
    => oh well, who cares? :-)

  * probably some other reason I already forgot.

Now, why do I run? I have some visions and I want to make them real. I
see a GNOME Foundation:

  * where more people are involved

  * giving more to local groups

  * caring about users

First point is about delegating, but also about trying to give more
value to the membership. One issue in the Foundation is that it *seems*
the Foundation is doing some stuff for GNOME in a corner while the
community is doing some stuff in another corner. We're all working for
GNOME. We're all in the same corner. And in fact, it's not a corner:
it's a big place. I'd like to see more issues debated on
foundation-list, I'd like to see more teams (a team being a group of
people working on one specific action, for example), I'd like to hear
from members. Is there anything they want?

Second point is, IMHO, as essential as the first point. GNOME is
international and GNOME needs to be represented everywhere, by local
groups. The Foundation should help local groups as much as possible. The
GNOME Event Box is great. We need more of this type of initiatives. But
we also need to have more groups, try to provide them a good
infrastructure, nice documents to translate, etc. Right now, a lot of
local groups has to reinvent the wheel and redo a lot of stuff. This is
not good.

Care about our users. This is my third point. As a developer community,
we're doing great. Really: we rock. But as a user community, I'm not
sure we're so good. I'm still wondering what we could do for this to
change. But at 

I'm not sure I'll be able to succeed in turning my visions into reality.
But if one of them turns real, then I'll be satisfied.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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