Re: Barcelona report


> We should be working on integrating business and government, and 
> integrating them into our community. As it is, GUADE User day is 
> considered a wash-out by both presenters and attendees. The only people 
> attracted by User Day as it is are sponsors. I would prefer spreading 
> user day throughout the conference, maintaining sponsor interest with 
> good names, and perhaps move the focus of GUADEC more to outreach of the 
> community kind.
> User day as it stands does nt serve either our community or the people 
> who come to GUADEC to interract with it.

I don't necessarily think that this sort of stuff should be done at
GUADEC - we have no delivery vehicle for these types of talks. GUADEC
has traditionally been attended by the people doing the work, and it's
been relatively hard getting new people involved.

I wish we'd do more of these types of talks at bigger conferences with
already guaranteed audiences, and having them during the main IGC week
seems ideal for that.


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