Re: Barcelona report

Hi Leslie,

Leslie Proctor wrote:
I was part of the fundraising team for GUADEC when
User Day and the government/business speakers were
added.  They were added in response to the fact that
we were getting firm "no"s from potential sponsors. Those same companies came on board later on that year,
as a result of us adding the enhanced User Day.  These
companies have come back as speakers in large part
because of the bigger focus of GUADEC.

I actually agree that the sessions which are currently planned on user day are useful (at least some of them - I would prefer about half as many, of higher quality). However, having them all on a special day is not a good idea.

We should be working on integrating business and government, and integrating them into our community. As it is, GUADE User day is considered a wash-out by both presenters and attendees. The only people attracted by User Day as it is are sponsors. I would prefer spreading user day throughout the conference, maintaining sponsor interest with good names, and perhaps move the focus of GUADEC more to outreach of the community kind.

User day as it stands does nt serve either our community or the people who come to GUADEC to interract with it.


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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