Re: Plans for GUADEC 2007, yes 2007

Kt, 2005 08 11 10:28 -0400, Richard M. Stallman rašė:
>     and government. As of speaking of my country, Ubuntu is doing a great
>     job in private sector here, but we need publicity to make it happen in
>     education and/or government.
> With disappointment, I report that Ubuntu includes some non-free software.
> It would be better to promote Debian, which at least does not include
> non-free software even though their site distributes some.
> Even better would be Ututo, which is 100% free software.

I'm not saying that we are promoting Ubuntu. The reason I have mentioned
Ubuntu here, is that it is one of the most polished distributions
shipping GNOME as the desktop. Due to its marketing policy, it is self
promoting distribution, Ubuntu are shipping live CDs together with
install CDs (heard something about virus, spyware free OS? want to try
it out? then order it, get a nice looking package, try it out, scream
"oh man, that.. what do they call it.. err.. Linux thing is awesome!"
and install it as the operating system of choice), average people are
getting familiar with GNU/Linux, and that is ready for everyday use,
even for your grandma! However the reason you are saying that Ubuntu is
shipping non-free software is not known to me (well, the only place,
where I see non-free software might be, is device drivers, but that is a
fault of hardware vendors. And it is reasonable to use them, isn't it?
GNU/Linux needs more daylight to look serious and to establish itself in
the market. Please correct me, if I am wrong. :)

> By the way, what is the way to say "free" (as in freedom) in
> Lithuanian?  It would be nice to add this to
> so as to teach
> people there the clearest way to say "free software".
> (Saying "open source" does not do the job; see

I know the difference between Free software and Open Source. "Open
Source" in my previous letter is supposed to be "Free software". Thanks
for correcting me.

"Free software" in Lithuanian is "Laisva programinė įranga". :)


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