Re: Membership drive

On 7/29/05, Dave Neary <dneary free fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> Luis Villa a écrit :
> > The titular membership is only a proxy
> > for the actual, important membership, since we need one for voting for
> > the board. I've yet to see any other useful reason to have a
> > 'membership' list.
> So the keyu question then is "what does the GNOME Foundation do for its
> members? You seem to be saying that since the members' only purpose is
> to vote, we don't need a huge number, 

A huge number would be wonderful, but it should be because people want
to be involved, not because we think a huge number validates what we

> and since what the foundation does
> is generally for the community, and not for the foundation membership,
> we're always going to be more or less irrelevant to our membership.

All members are also members of the community, so if we are relevant
to the community, we are relevant to our membership.

> The only reason to become a GNOME Foundation member, then, is to have a
> say in who gets on the board. Is that what you're saying?

That is basically it, yes.


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