Re: Anon vote scripts


On Mer 15 septembre 2004 17:01, Nikolaos S. Karastathis (NSK) a écrit :
> I learnt about your interest to use anonymous voting in the future.
> According to what I read on your lists you plan to develop (or you
> have already developed?) special Python scripts to handle the process.

We have not developed them yet. The membership committee has some design,
but need help to develop the scripts.
The currently proposed mechanism can be found at:

This mechanism probably needs to be reviewed before turning this into

> I am in the need for something very similar and I was about to develop
> my own software. Have you, or do you plan to, release these anonymous
> voting scripts under the GPL? I think they could be useful to me. I
> will happily release under the GPL and share with you any ideas and/or
> code or improvements I might develop in the future.

I suppose releasing the script under the GPL shouldn't be a problem...


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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