Anon vote scripts

Dear GNOME team,

Please accept my congratulations for your release of GNOME 2.8 and my 
apologies if this list is not the correct one for this kind of communication.

I learnt about your interest to use anonymous voting in the future. According 
to what I read on your lists you plan to develop (or you have already 
developed?) special Python scripts to handle the process.

I am in the need for something very similar and I was about to develop my own 
software. Have you, or do you plan to, release these anonymous voting scripts 
under the GPL? I think they could be useful to me. I will happily release 
under the GPL and share with you any ideas and/or code or improvements I 
might develop in the future.


NSK (Nikolaos S. Karastathis)
Personal page at

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