Re: Election Boycott

I agree.

I think that Jody is correct in that there is information available on the Board's financials. But I also think the info could and should be made available in a more direct and timely fashion. I support increasing the transparency of the GF board in general, and GF finances in particular.

- Bill

Robert Love wrote:
On Tue, 2004-11-23 at 12:03 -0500, Adrian Custer wrote:

*I will not vote or participate in the foundation's buisness until this
situation has been resolved.*

You need to exercise your vote to put people on the board who will work
toward more transparency.  And you need to raise these concerns to the
board so they can be addressed.  I realize that you may of voiced your
opinion before, what I am saying now is that if these are truly issues
of paramount importance, then they need to be brought to the front of
the board's collective conscience.  Boycotting seems a silly solution
toward that aim; voting and proposing a real solution to a real problem
is a much better approach.

Disenfranchising yourself seems a bit rash.


	Robert Love

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