Election Boycott

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to the election committee for organising the election and sending
out ballots. Thanks to the candidates for running. Thanks to the Board
for the work they put in over the past year. Thanks to those in the
Foundation for their work. Please don't construe the rest of this
message as denegrating your efforts.

Before the foundation existed, we discussed why we wanted to form a
board and whether it should be a real financial entity. During that
discussion, I pointed out some of the issues related to expanding an all
volunteer project into something with real finances. To mitigate those
issues, I argued at the time for a sincere committment to openness in
the foundation's financial accounts.

Years have passed and we have not been given any real information on the
foundations budget, financial situation, employee salaries or any other
relevant information to evaluate the evectiveness of the foundation. The
third party web site, which requires registration and has scant
information, does not satisfy me. The excuses given over the years for
the lack of information, such as lack of time or the need for privacy,
do not appear to me as real stumbling blocks.

*I will not vote or participate in the foundation's buisness until this
situation has been resolved.*


adrian custer
acuster -at- gnome.org

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