Re: GNOME Roadmap - Programming Language Issue - Where is the right place to discuss it?

<quote who="Daniel Cardenas - AZ">

> > Before this threadlet goes too far, let's please stick to discussing the
> > roadmap itself, not the discussions mentioned in it. :-)
> Where is the right place to discuss it?

Currently, no amazingly sensible place. But once gnome-hackers is properly
open, it would be a good place to start. However, I don't think anyone would
be horrified if a new thread was opened on foundation-list before then.

[ Just to give you a summary, before someone starts a new thread (and please
*DON'T* reply to this summary on this thread):

The active discussion has quietened down, owing to the GNOME 2.6 release and
that we really don't have a good way to answer it straight away... The only
cohesive point of agreement we had was that 'transient' use of Python in the
Desktop release was uncontroversial, and would probably be accepted.

The C# and Java discussion basically has to be deferred until someone comes
out and publically clarifies the legalese. It's can't really be a technical
debate, even in the slightest, until that happens. ]


- Jeff

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