Re: GNOME Roadmap - Programming Language Issue

Very Nice work.  I have a comment about the language question.

Open Questions

   * GNOME is currently implemented in C, with language bindings
     implemented for use in third-party applications.  There is some
     consensus in the community that adoption of a higher-level
     language and runtime would be beneficial to the development of
     the desktop.

     Java and C# have been proposed as alternatives.  The community
     is currently discussing the technical, political, and legal
     ramifications of adopting these languages into the desktop.s

I have programmed in each of these languages, for example for C# I programmed
in that language for 1 year full time.  What makes C# attractive is 40% the
IDE, 40% the accompanying libraries, and 20% the language.  I wouldn't be in a
rush to move to any new language, but I would put more of an emphasis on an
IDE and associated libraries.  Visual Studio .Net IDE does almost everything
you'd image it should and then some.  If you dream of a somewhat common
routine, chances are you will find it already implemented in the library.
Glade, Anjuta, and library documentation are far behind.

Just my 2 cents.

Daniel Cardenas
Software Engineer with 30+ years experience.

Dave Camp wrote:

The foundation board has been working on a Roadmap document.  I just put
the current draft at:
We'd like contributors to take a look at it and comment.  After some
discussion we'll be sending this to the Advisory Board and posting it on
the foundation web site.

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