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Hello people,

Would you like to publish a monthly column on Free Software Magazine? Something like "News from the desktop world"? Please remember that they would need to focus on the "future" of the desktop, rather than the present, as the magazine is printed and there is a 6 week delay between the handing in of an article and its publication (please notice that 6 weeks is not a long time, considering the printing process!)

Please have a look at our writing guidelines ( ) and let me know as soon as you can!

If you have any article ideas, please let me know.



On 06/12/2004, at 2:40 AM, Richard Stallman wrote:

I think that this is an excellent idea. We at GNOME Journal would not mind at all publishing foundation events/summaries or whatever from the

A new Free Software Magazine is being started.  It might be a useful
thing to contribute articles on GNOME developers there.
Write to Tony Mobily <mobily mobily com>.

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