Bounty Hunts

I like the idea of the Bounty Hunts, and I assume the board did too
- It allows companies to fund desktop improvements.
- It adds improvements and features to the desktop that might not have
otherwise been added.  (Or maybe it just moves up the schedule.)
- It provides work and funding to any talented developer who wants it.

By being on the GNOME Foundation page, the GNOME Foundation gets to
review the task and reject any that do not fit with the long term goals
of the GNOME desktop.  To ensure this happens, we could outline the
steps that need to happen.  (Review whether task fits into desktop
plans, get maintainers buy in, make sure task is clear enough, etc.)

In addition, what if another column was added that clearly called out
the "Sponsor", the company or entity that was paying for the task?  The
GNOME Foundation (i.e. board) could still review (and possibly reject)
any task, but it would be clear who was funding it.

By keeping the Bounty Hunt on the GNOME Foundation website, the GNOME
Foundation maintains control of what tasks are being promoted, and if
it's set up right, collects a fee for providing a service.  


Stormy Peters
Open Source Program Office
Hewlett-Packard Company
stormy peters hp com 

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