Re: Imagining a sysadmin team

Regarding Owen's post...

(apologies for not quoting/replying to this post - I've only just joined
the list and was scanning the archives)

Firstly, I think Owen has a good plan. I know from experience how messy
things can get (have got in the GNOME case?) when everything is done
ad-hoc, with no formal processes or documentation in place, and no
single person to answer for any given service. Owen's idea for having a
private CVS module/website to contain such documentation would be an
ideal start in this area.

Secondly, I think that the sysadmin team should be broken down into
subgroups, such as CVS services, web services, mail services, with each
subgroup having a sheriff and a deputy. Sysadmin members could still
discuss all the issues together on the one sysadmin list to pool all the
ideas, and get some wider-ranging feedback, but it would ultimately be
the responsibility of the group sheriff and/or their deputy to maintain
the services in their particular area, and approve any related actions.
This also creates a situation where sysadmin members can focus on a
particular area of the GNOME services, so we can get the best out of
them all, whilst remaining in the loop regarding the other areas. Again,
Owen's idea to have an contact list containing phone numbers as well as
on-line information would be useful here, as in an emergency, the
sheriff (or failing that, the deputy) could be notified of a critical

Also, an addendum to point 2:

- Notifies the sysadmin mailing list, when they are going to take an
extended leave from their computer, so that cover can be arranged.

For example, I am a moderator for a couple of the GNOME mailing lists,
and I'm going off-line on Saturday for a couple of days rest, during
which time I will likely not be checking my e-mail. I've sent an e-mail
to Michael Meeks and Elliot Lee (the other admins for the lists I
moderate) to let them know. This step should probably be made part of a
simple HOWTO/FAQ for other GNOME list moderators.

At the end of the day, it's all just a matter of improving communication



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