Minutes for July 1 2003 Meeting

     Minutes of the Board meeting July 1 2003


   Nat Friedman (chair)
   James Henstridge
   Bill Haneman
   Luis Villa
   Jody Goldberg
   Jim Gettys
   Glynn Foster
   Jeff Waugh
   Daniel Veillard (+15)
   Jonathan Blandford (+30)

   Leslie Proctor (from 3:30 for marketing issues)

   Miguel de Icaza
   Tim Ney


    ACTION: Tim to Investigate liability insurance.
	: Pending
    ACTION: Thanks: Wilson-Sonsini for working pro-bono
            Red Hat for bandwidth
        in newsletter and on the foundation site
	: Pending
    ACTION: Tim to look into merchandising options around our logo and
        GUADEC proceedings
	: Pending
    ACTION: Nat to get the charter amended to reflect the current consensus
	: Pending
    ACTION: Nat and Jody to draft a short list of project to propose for
	: Pending

    ACTION: Nat write a confidentiality policy
	: Done. Sent and reviewed on list.

    ACTION: Jonathan to set up the mechanism to publish and consult
        Tim's quickbooks data
	: Pending

    ACTION: Jeff to see how to get a link to Friend of Gnome from the desktop
	: Jeff to summarise issues.

    ACTION: Tim make sure that Leslie provides a status report every other 
        board meeting
	: Done

    ACTION: Jeff to build a mailing list for joint marketing and board issues
	: pending results of marketing discussions today
	: Will be done today

New Actions:
    ACTION: Put the confidentiality policy on website
	: Sent and reviewed on list.  We need to put it on the web
	and add links to it from the .sig lines of all board and
	advisory board emails.

    ACTION: Daniel to request and review by-laws of German GNOME Foundation

    ACTION: Leslie to send a copy of the old marketing plan

    ACTION: Nat to collect slides and post them

    ACTION: Jeff to condense all of the edits from the thread on GUADEC
    	requirements and resend.

    ACTION: Nat to clarify status of OLS hothouse


    * German GNOME Foundation
	- According to the foundation's lawyers we need to be wary
	  of tax implications of subsidiary
	- We would like to do a coordinated press announcement
	- Get mechanism in place to ensure good communication
	: Board should review a copy of their by-laws to make sure they're
	  compatible with GNOME
	: Can offer them assistance with merchandise and potentially a domain

    * Marketing plan
	- Send around plan from last year but it is a bit dusty in spots.

    * GUADEC 5
	- Once Jeff sends off the 2nd draft of the GUADEC requirements we
	  should review and get it posted.
	- Set a deadline of approx 1 month after the requirements go out to
	  select a site.

    * Summit
	- Preference is to have it somewhere new with possibility of using MIT
	  again if no one steps up to the plate.

    * OLS Hot House
	- Re-title it 'Desktop' rather than 'GNOME'
	- Attempt to invite some of the X & kernel developers
	- Shrink to 1 day to reduce cost
	- Discuss with AH possibility of co-locating with the kernel summit

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