Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting January 7 2003

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting January 7 2003


    Nat Friedman (chair)
    Jody Goldberg (minutes)
    Daniel Veillard (:20)
    James Henstridge
    Tim Ney
    Bill Haneman
    Jonathan Blandford
    Glynn Foster
    Jim Gettys (left early)
    Jeff Waugh
    Luis Villa
    Miguel de Icaza

Actions Done:

  ACTION: Glynn to get the GUADEC website on-line.
        => done

  ACTION: Nat to sort out links to Friends of GNOME on website
        => done, links on www.gnomedesktop.org, developer.gnome.org and
	   GNOME Summaries would be nice too


  ACTION: Jim to continue the font discussions with various parties.
        => Jim haven't heard back.

  ACTION: Jody volunteered to work on producing a first draft of
          ABI rules for GNOME-2 releases; to get involvement from
          someone at Sun; and to make sure the draft get some review.
        => Jody has done some of this: enough to mean he will keep
          on with it rather than passing it on to someone else: but
          it's a slow process.

  ACTION: Tim looking at structuring tutorials, need to send a
          call for speakers
        => Pending will be part of the new site.

  ACTION: Tim to email foundation-announce about GUADEC fund-raising
        => Only a draft ATM, pending

  ACTION: Telsa to talk to Andrew Hutton about possibility of a future
       GUADEC-like thing associated with OLS (a la the kernel
       summit). Miguel to talk to organisers of NordU* similarly.
        => Pending

  ACTION: Jody to assist Guadec planning for tutorials and report progress
          to the board.

  ACTION: Nat getting in touch with Andrew Hutton about the Gnome Summit.

  ACTION: Jeff will get beta.gnome.org on-line by Chrismas
        => pending

New Actions:

    ACTION : Jeff New target for web site deployement is end of this week

    ACTION : Board See how he's doing at the end of this week :-)

    ACTION : Tim/Jody Create spreadsheet outline for funding
	- baseline needs
	- target goals above that
	- known income

- Richard Stallman request to remove link to ggobi:
    - After discussion board came to unanimous conclusion that link to ggobi
      was reasonable and should remain.

- GUADEC preparation:
    Tim :
	- Weekend venues are more expensive so main conference will be weekdays
	- Potential keynote speakers
	    Alan Kay
	    Joel (on software)
	    Rob Gingle
	- Potential for government speakers from EU
	- We are responsible for rooms @ trinity, need to get web site up
	- Budget similar to last year
	    - potential for funding from advisory board members
	    - exploring EU sponsorship
	- Tutorial selection in progress
	    - One on gtk+ and one of gnome-admin are the likely

- New web site :
    - Was due to go out pre-christmas but delayed
    - Jeff has cleared out block of time to work on it this week

- FundRaising :
	- Supporting events
	- General hacker subsidization
	- Marketing costs
	- Running the foundation

    Advisory Board fees
	- Pair invitation to advisory meeting with request for dues
	- Expand communication with them

    News Letter
	- Potential for quarterly/semi-annual overview of status
	- Jeff raised prospect of making it subscription basis
	- Jeff proposed creating an initial issue to see how it flies

    - Frequency : 2 weeks seems ok for now
    - Select Backups for posts at next meeting


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